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Technically, yes, they are human, but the concept is just so delightful.

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The Kickstarter has been up two days and unfortunately has only raised a mere $1,000 out of the $13,500 goal.

I’m sure this game appeals to more people than the cross section of political junkies and weeaboos, so we can only hope more backers will step in.

Each dating sim has a certain amount of characters that the, usually straight and female, player is allowed to date.

The story unravels based on the person the player chooses.

Whether players receive a “good ending” or “bad ending” is determined by their choices.

Once the player’s route is determined, the game will tell you which character’s route the player is on, and the rest of the game is geared towards that character’s relationship with you.

Well now you can recapture the glory days, not by watching old CNN clips, but by playing this Japanese dating simulator!

You are Mori America, a Japanese transfer student entering Grand Old Academy, a prestigious private high school in the United States.

You're the only human student at a high school for pigeons, and you have to find love among the feathered denizens of the school halls. You won't be able to play PSP game Princess Arthur unless you go to or live in Japan and can read Japanese, but I would absolutely play an English translation if it were available.

There's actually a very involved, post-apocalyptic sci-fi reason for this, which quite surprisingly brings some sort of sense to the whole thing. The premise: What if King Arthur (yes, that King Arthur) were a girl named Alu who became king against her will and then had to romance a bunch of knights and wizards and stuff, who are all anime-pretty.

”Both these issues are problematic in a sense because they contribute to heteronormativity, the belief that only people of the opposite sex can be involved in romantic relationships.

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