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“You continued to be abusive and publicly called her Daddy a p**** in front of her and her other 3 siblings.Your behaviour and outburst was not helpful whatsoever in helping to calm down our daughter's anxiety.

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“I hope social media helps for this post to find you to let you know that same little 8 year old girl ended up being taken to hospital by ambulance that evening as she became seriously unwell. ” She said that later that evening, Yasmin’s lips turned blue and she had to be rushed to the hospital.

According to the mother, her daughter had not been to a hospital since 2013.

Special Bridge is one such site that provides an opportunity to meet new friends with similar lifestyles and interests.

Special Bridge is a wonderful dating and social site that allows people to build friendships or find romance.

We would encourage families to get in touch with their council to find out what’s on offer for parents and children and have their say on what services are needed.

“From this month, support available for children and young people who have disabilities is currently undergoing a major shake-up across England.This private site ensures that its members feel comfortable and safe while corresponding with others.Unlike other popular dating sites and mainstream social media, Special Bridge is geared towards people with special needs and who share commonality in their lives.When physical or mental challenges are present, socializing becomes even more crucial for emotional health.Online meeting places for the disabled are becoming more common and some are perfect for developing true relationships.Anna Bird, Head of Research and Public Policy at Scope says: “The impact of not getting the right support is profound and can affect every aspect of family life.


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