Dating the dumped

Rather than running around and trying to complete tasks, you are going to be going through the story trying to make the right decisions. If you choose wisely, the characters will be happier than they have ever been before.

Everything about Get Dumped is exciting and wonderful, even down to the art.

You have a lot to enjoy while you play the game, which is going to get you sucked into this rather easily.

Choose where the characters go, what they do, and how things turn out.

It makes reading far more exciting than it already is, and helps to strengthen the adventure.

Or, like Jennifer, you might be choosing to stay single for now (or forever).

There are no rules that say you have to wait a certain period of time after a breakup before you can date again.

You play as Michi, an unpopular, unattractive, unintelligent girl who is freshly dumped by the most popular, attractive, and intelligent guy at school, Arashi.

It is the story that you have heard before, but with cute art and a lot of excitement thrown in.

Being a visual novel, you are going to be able to go through the story with your own path.

You will be able to go through everything and find the path that fits you the most.

Being a visual novel, Get Dumped offers a lot of wonder with every page that you turn.

This genre is rather unique and interesting, making the most out of this story. Use your knowledge of the characters and history, as well as how you want things to turn out, to give the characters the best chance at happiness.

Michi is not the type of girl who gets the guys and all the attention, at least all of the good attention.


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