Dating steuben glass

Almost all forgeries are way too large, frequently an inch or more tall.

Many acid stamped marks are badly blurred, almost illegible (Fig. Original marks, even those with naturally occurring wear, have smooth, evenly formed letters which are legible despite being worn.

Authentic Steuben can be roughly divided into two broad categories: colored glass from 1903 to 1932; and colorless crystal from 1933 until the present day.

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Construction of authentic Steuben is exacting and precise.

Bowls are perfectly centered on stems of wine glasses; vases bodies centered on their bases.

No authentic Aurene mark was applied with a diamond tipped pencil, vibrating engraver or rubber stamped acid.

The majority of Steuben’s pre1932 art glass was marked with an acid stamped mark consisting of a fleur-de-lis with the word “Steuben” within a banner (Fig. Genuine fleur-de-lis marks are quite small, only about 3/8 of an inch in height (Fig. The only genuine iridescent Steuben that is marked with the acid stamp is light shades.

Forged marks are generally quite large and appear on pieces with obvious mold seams.

Prior to 1932, Steuben used several marks which varied depending on the type of glass.

Genuine production run Steuben of both periods, for example, is never found with mold seams.

All colored art glass including lamp shades was free blown, never made in press molds.

Sizes of matching pieces within sets are virtually identical.

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