Dating guyanese women

Dominicans have some of the most beautiful women on this planet.

The only people they don't surpass in my opinion are Brazilians. I know people who aren't to fond of Hispanic looks so Dominicans do not interest them, but they interest me.

Lol Guyanese do mix, Im a perfect of example of mixing in GUyana.

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Wiki puts their number at about 15% of the Guyanese population and says "second only to Trinidad" but doesn't have a number for Trinidad.

I always tell Guyanese people please dont compare yourselfs to some tiny island in the Caribbean tahts more industrialized than you, Guyanese are not going to get anywhere in their lives by making such silly comparisons. In Guyana the most important colors are pink, gold and white. Gold meaning gold which Guyana produces so much of and white for not the race but grade A Colombian cocaine which is ran amok in Guyana, Guyana is only an hour away from Columbia via Cessna prop plane, and being sold to Dominicans and Jamaicans. Universe pageant they should be up there for having the worlds most beatiful women, Venezuela won the pageant a few times, Trinidad won twice PR won once or twice, DR won with Emilia.

In america hispanic all though not a race is viewed like a race so they like to be classified as who they are which is hispanic.

i dont have a problem with a dominican and rican saying their not black because i understand where they are coming from.

..."and 60% European", you are definitely in denial. the boss of my old security company was dominican just like the rapper fabolous and has the exact skin tone and hair type as him(all though fabolous is half black).

He hates being called black as well but its not because he hates black people(he is married to a black women), its because of the way things are viewed in this country.Haha, atleast in the DR, we took in African Americans, West Indians, and Haitians.We didn't care that it made us blacker, we are not Puerto Rico.For me I wont condisder Brazilians along with Venezuelans and Colombians one of the most beautiful women in this world.Have you ever met an Armenian woman before or a Georgian woman or an Iranian woman or an Ethiopian woman or an Egyptian with a coke bottle shape?Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!


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