Dating girl who had abortion

'But I hadn't taken enough, and I woke next morning to the phone ringing.I could barely speak, so my friend realised what had happened and called an ambulance.

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He was so utterly insistent about accompanying me to the scan that it made me think he was coming just to make sure I followed through with the idea.

'We told the nurse that we'd decided on an abortion - and three weeks later, when I was 14 weeks pregnant, I went through with it.

The community practice nurse just didn't feel I was fit to be home.

'When I returned home for good, I stopped working as I couldn't cope with daily life.

'I felt I'd met my soulmate and was delighted when he said he wanted children with me.

'But when I announced the good news, Alan fell silent.

I was already overwhelmed by the pressure of looking after the two young children from my marriage.

'From the moment I came round from the anasthetic, I was devastated about what I had done.

The wonderful man I knew vanished overnight, and our relationship rapidly deteriorated.

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