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Or maybe — and I know this is a cruel thing to suggest — we think that all the far-fetched ideas are entertaining, but it’s all just stuff the show’s writers have pulled out of their asses under the pressure of a deadline.In other words: the possibility exists that there’s no grand puzzle, merely some unnecessarily complex mumbo-jumbo designed to ensnare viewers who are predisposed to mysteries beyond the realm of Newtonian physics. We all need hobbies, and obsessing over “Lost” is certainly healthier than drowning kittens. People devoted to a single topic may not have balanced interests and social lives and could have trouble interacting with other people, finding work, and successfully navigating social situations.

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But I’m writing today to draw a line in the sand, Losties. Unfollow me or I will take delight in spoiling every aspect of “Lost” for you.

Because, let’s face it, you people are the most annoying genre fans ON THE ENTIRE PLANET.

Fanatics may transgress social norms in their eagerness to pursue their interests and can alienate or upset people with their zeal.

Historically, this term has been closely associated with religious fanaticism, but many other topics can become subjects of fixation or obsession. One is a sense of devotion with minimal critical analysis or thinking, often paired with intolerance for people who challenge or question the topic of interest.

If you are a fan who wants to show their pride during a series look for another website to ship your gear sooner these guys suck!!!

Dear Insanely Passionate “Lost” Fans, Hey, how ya doin’?I will be asking them for a full refund of the delivery costs, and finding out where the hell the one cap that's supposed to be here, is located?Yea don't plan on ordering World Series gear from this place before the series... My order wasn't shipped till a week after I placed it....In their zeal to defend their cause, fanatics may threaten or injure naysayers, such as a reviewer offering a less than favorable treatment of a movie with a large fanatic following.Signs of fanaticism can sometimes be hard to identify in their early stages.Now, most people would recognize this foible as being susceptible to modern technology, and would act accordingly by not checking the Internet until they viewed the most recent episode. Everyone from Twitter to Facebook to the Google cache of their old Geocities site needs to shut the hell up about “Lost” until everyone on the God damn planet has finished watching the entire series. In fact, anything in Season 6 is off-limits because we all need to be respectful of overseas viewers who have only watched through Season 5. Bob and Mary Jane Johnson of Sioux Falls were a little late getting into the show, so they’re only halfway through Season 2 on DVD at the moment.


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