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What did strike me is that social circle there is key and Bosnian women while amazing are very conservative as they have male family members to contend with. She only changes owners, you don't need to teach her new rules. Maybe too much so since that brings other corresponding issues because "liberal" isn't a one-way street.[b] Serb girls, while not easy, are way sluttier than Bosnian, and for one example "half of Belgrade" girls are seeking sponsors. A Bosniak bloke I once met in Belgrade told me that when it was in Yugoslavia, attitudes were more liberal but with independence and the war, especially the aftermath, things have become more conservative.

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Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian are all spoken in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I'm liking what you're writing, but can you tell me about other activities to do other than chasing women and party?

Moreover even in cities of 1 million you become known after one month of non stop approaching.

Only cities with more than 3 millions can guarantee anonymity.

Bosnian and Herzegovinian brides are perfect for a man who wants a woman who looks up to him.

These women will take good care of the men they marry.

Every year, a few people get blown up by landmines while hiking. Other things I've seen: skydiving, paragliding, wilderness exploring, mountain hiking, trekking, rafting, rolling solo, or with others, horseback riding, cave exploring, river source visiting, and just plain chillin' But I think there's very little in the way of organized activities. We dont want to go to place where we are cockblocked incessantly/intimidated or worse for gaming and ultimately smashing a local bird.

It's mostly the case where you have to do everything yourself and that's part of the charm for some, bummer for others. The more people know (about) you the more they trust you, including women. We want to go to place where we feel relaxed and where attitudes are somewhat liberal.

Myself, as much as I like to date and bang girls and all of that stuff, I don't like dedicating so much of my time to that, I get bored easily. Is there things like fishing, hiking, or adventure activities?

Sounds like there's quite a few cultural activities there.

Its about us lads going to a location for a short period of time 2-4 weeks, gaming and getting the leg over on the local talent.


  1. It’s like going to a strip club and asking for a free dance, it wouldn’t happen!

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