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But now being able to look back at 3 decades, I can […] READ ARTICLE Photo Credit – Unsplash Thank you my dear friend for the inspiration to write this article…you know who you are. I’m soooo busy.” How many of you catch yourself saying this all too often? Usually, if not always, this stems from something that’s stirring up inside of you; […] READ ARTICLE Photo Credit – Life of Pix The struggle is real.

I would easily bet that most people reading this can relate to the dilemma of obsessive compulsive social media checking; otherwise known as, addiction to social media. There’s something I really want, that just won’t come around – until it does (or until I’m ready […] READ ARTICLE Photo Credit – Unsplash Over the top weddings are overrated. So naturally, I’ve started to give weddings a little more thought.

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Sources tell Us Weekly, however, that the two are hanging out just as pals.

"Evan and Ashlee have been friends for a really long time, probably ten years," a source says of the duo.

It doesn’t make things right, but it is the reality.

As young boys and girls, the […] READ ARTICLE Photo credit – Unsplash He loves me…he loves me not?

Is Ashlee Simpson seeking the (musically) royal treatment?

The pop star stepped out for a night out on the town in Hollywood on Monday, July 1, with Evan Ross, the son of legendary Motown singer Diana Ross, in tow -- and the two resurfaced again the next day for a daytime bite.

It looks a little something like this: Checking your phone on autopilot countless times a day to mindlessly scroll […] READ ARTICLE Photo Credit – Unsplash Ever hoped, wished and prayed for something that seemed to be taking its sweet time to come around? Sure, I want a beautiful dress and a nice setting to say our vows, but besides that, I (we), would really like to keep it simple.

I’m a […] READ ARTICLE Photo Credit – Unsplash Audio version: We all know we’re supposed to make time for the things (and people) that matter. Lately, I’ve been learning a lot more about how to make time for ALL the things that matter to me, and ALL the things I want […] READ ARTICLE Rather listen than read?

If you’ve ever dated an alcoholic (or anyone else with a complex issue), I know you can relate. Or at least it should be – and not a passive state that becomes your […] READ ARTICLE It can be a hard truth to accept that parents are actually, just humans.

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