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“Ask a man, and he usually just says ‘fit’.” Ten years ago, Johnny was in the same position as his clients – single, awkward, and desperate to have some luck with the girls.He had grown up in Reading, 30 miles west of London, where his family run a construction business.

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“That’s the whole lad culture, and it’s not a fruitful environment.

I felt these people were holding me back.” At about that time, he read a couple of books that changed his life.

A video demonstration of how you can start up a conversation with a perfect stranger and take her for an instant date in 3 minutes.

The most experienced dating guru in the UK, Mary Balfour has been running London-based matchmaking and dating agency Drawing Down the Moon since the 1980s.

After years of playing the game, Johnny has been going steady with the same beautiful girlfriend for some time.

Someone he would never have dreamed of even talking to just ten years ago.

“But you’ve got to be good at off-line dating too, because it all comes off-line at some point.” We are sitting in the grand surroundings of a members-only club off Berkeley Square, where Johnny meets his clients.

He is tall, good-looking, and mature for his 27 years. What I do is help men become a better version of themselves, which then makes them attractive to women.

“These sorts of guys are really strong in the boardroom,” says Johnny.


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