Dating an ambivalent man

Charlie and I began texting constantly, and he spent almost every night at my house.

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Half of me felt like a complete lame-ass, and half of me felt excited about taking fate in my hands and transmitting my intentions to the universe: I WANTED AN AWESOME/CUTE/SMART/FUNNY/WORSHIPFUL GUY, AND I WANTED HIM NOW.

A couple weeks later, a casual acquaintance-y friend, Lisa, pinged me on Gchat -- for the first time ever.

"I ran into my friend Charlie the other day," she wrote. He's a total sweetheart, kind of shy, a music geek (in a good way).

Would you be into me setting you guys up on a date?

But there's such a thing as being comfortable with someone, and we seemed to hit that milestone alarmingly early. maybe it was the fact that Charlie was semi-recently separated from the love of his life, a woman he'd considered his best friend for years. DAMMIT, I'd set aside my pride and chanted, meditated, burned things, and idiotically proclaimed "intentions" to the universe! I'm not sure how I feel about it all." When he admitted he "wasn't sure" if he was still in love with her, I knew we were through.

Yes, I shed a few tears, but not because I was in love with him.

), I couldn't help but be intrigued."Oh, I've manifested love for loads of friends," Sally confided over crudites in the kitchen, pushing her long, grey-blond hair behind one ear.

"My friend Gloria found the man of her dreams, suddenly bumped into him on the train, about a month after our love ritual.

I just figured I might as well try, because God knows I'd tried (and failed) to meet a good guy on my own, in normal-person ways.


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