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For him, the situation embodies Lebanon's basic dilemma: "Open-minded people leave and go to the United States while the traditionalists stay here and control everything." It's hardly surprising that Hezbollah is doing what it can to at least retain political control, given the financial supremacy of the Gulf Arabs.

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Qatar, the oil-rich emirate, has donated a quarter of a billion dollars to the Lebanese town of Bint Jbeil in order to support reconstruction efforts there.

But the generous donation has provoked a conflict with Hezbollah and is spawning envy, discord and conspiracy theories.

To start at the beginning: Only very few property owners had building permits when they built their homes -- a common phenomenon in southern Lebanon.

And so they were unable to produce documents stating the exact magnitude of their financial loss.

And those close to Hezbollah probably got more than a few extra square meters." Many neighbors have started arguing since.

A master plan from the United States But what has done most to divide the town's inhabitants into two hostile camps is a plan that was developed in Detroit, in the United States.

His Highness promised to pay for reconstruction of destroyed builings in the four cities and villages of Bint Jbeil, Aita al-Shaab, Ainata and Khiam -- whatever the cost.

The emirate also promised to finance the reconstruction of all schools and places of worship -- regardless of whether they be Sunni or Shiite, mosques or churches -- south of the Litani river.

The petro-dollars from Qatar have led to a smalltown farce in several acts.

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