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With her fashion forward approach, Mare has grown a loyal clientele personalizing trends for the uniqueness (to the likeness) of each guest.

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The story is inspired by a Swedish political scandal known as Bordellhärvan which linked underage prostitution with powerful customers believed to come from the highest levels of society.

' Call Girl', a film about a sex scandal in Sweden in the 1970's, is labeled as a classic political paranoia thriller. There is the righteous police investigator who has to fight against corrupt powers.

Owner, Jen Da Silva brings 12 years of passion and experience to the Dasi's philosophy behind service and skill.

Jen's attention to detail and approachable charm is what sets her apart as a leader in customer service.

The first half of the film focuses almost entirely on 14-year old Iris, an adventurous girl who ventures into Stockholm's night life and slowly gets involved in a prostitution network servicing high-powered politicians.

The movie is clearly meant as a critique of Sweden's ultra-liberal culture in the seventies.

Through personal example, Jessica believes everyone should live a passionate and glamorous life, confidently expressing themselves in their beauty and fashion choices.

Jessica's elite training and warm heart and have been her cornerstone Mare has met mastery at every level and shares her signature style with us as a Designer Level Stylist.

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