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[Kopelli] Though they try they're not talkin' like me I can never comprehend them because I'm too highly Evolved for their jibberish and blahsay splee We don't connect because wack I can't be (Naw) In digital code how I see I'm the one broke out of the Matrix I'm free You don't understand let me state it plainly That I'm on another level that the lame can't reach Speech is incredible light years ahead of the Stat quo etcetera Pellz is a hell of a Emcee I'm tellin' ya, see it for yourself Motown city slicker sippin' liquor top shelf See my lyrical lingo imperial delivery sicker than sixteen venereal try to make it clear to you we're not equals to holler at me you need a translator to speak it through [Chorus] You ain't on my level You can't speak my language [4x] [Phenom] How these kats out here acting like me Urinated cats out here acting like "P" (pee) You should flee if you can but my right hand fast as a Dragonball Z Or Muhummad Ali Body, flow You haters so pussy Mr. ) Can't cover me to hard too fast baby girl I aint having it (C'mon) Femenine care products dominating all the space in my cabinents (Chill) Didn't you know? [Chorus] I'm from D-Trois City The Rock City [2x] It's 1967 and I'm going insane We got some lighters in our pockets And we're throwing the flame DET-RIOT! ) [Chorus] Big house We ain't got that But we still got room for improvement Fast cars Not really dog But we still got one helluva movement Champagne Nights on a Red Stripe Budget Folks wanna' stop it but they just can't budge it Too much fun to let the stress ever touch it Living like a star till we living like a star [Blak Smith] Just a hour 'go I was out of dough Down to my last dolla at the dolla sto' But see my folks We got high hopes I play it 50/50 Try to hit the lotto for- A hundred million No ceiling We jumpin' out the sky like Geronimo I don't know, we gotta blow like champagne bottles so Peel off that couture girl and slide on my banana boat [Kopelli] Though money been funny I still feel I'm the flyest Can't cop confidence higher than mine is We like stars Ya' girl tellin me sign this She can see what the result of the grind is (She forsees it) But I can't really blame her don't need game to tame her she sprung We almost famous All in your dame is Shamlessly jockin Cold Men Young [Chorus] [Phenom] Roll up the trees and let's go home Only top ten rapper with a Metro phone Got a bed girls wanna shoot a sex show on And I smoke the type a green that the Jets throw on Yeah rent kinda hard to get Whip i can hardly get Let the Bacardi tip I be on that party shit Summertime cook outs Niggas on the look out The life of Young Phenom Somethin' to write a book bout Thinkin' bout all the loans that I took out Pregnant hustle cause you know I'm gon' push out After high school man I kinda got put out Move to the burbs but they couldn't take the hood out Niggas been trippin' but I ain't gotta foot out Mad cause they girlfriends always wanna put out Hella hate got a nigga tryna get that hella cake Tell a fake nigga that we here so lets celebrate [Chorus] [Mic Write] Yeah man that's what we do.

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Cold Men Young’s freshmen effort, Champagne Nights/Red Stripe Budget, is a soundtrack for any individual taking life one day at a time.

Despite current economic and social issues Cold Men Young’s album conveys the message of carpe diem very clear: Have Fun; Live Life; Dream.

- ' ' Tracks Produced by Jay Norm - '∞' Tracks Produced by Sheefy Mc Fly - '*' Tracks Produced by Jay Fab of The Olympicks For Booking Email [email protected]/coldmenyoung LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.

it I just took it up a notch Girls leave they X-Men cause I am the Juggernaut This right here is something hot No homo I hug the block My heart is BIG My soul is PUN My city's PROOF My blood is PAC [Chorus] (Spit it.

On my brow, WOW, such a beauty is rare I know it's considered kinda rude if I stare But I can't help it I notice everything that you do Like when you're nervous, the way your finger twists in your hair I like that I know we're both living the single life But I was thinking maybe we could get together, make a compilation You laugh- I dig the fact that you get that And I don't wanna give you the impression that I'm impatient But i'm just saying I see that 36-28-36 And i'm trying to work the combination If you catch my drift, lets just shift this to the bedroom And your dress I'll lift My Aurora Borealis [Chorus A & B] [Phenom] Babygirl hold up Swag so froze up Strawberry swisher- let's have a "Fruit Roll-up" You know what You should probably just show up with no clothes, baby, No need to put your coat up So what- They be talking That's no worry They can't handle your team- they Mike Curry We do it like no other team do it And they so mad at ya game (Game), they G-Unit Deep-rooted, hate you for your sleek movement Scoop you in that silver thing, you know, teaspoon it And I would fuck with all of yall All of yall are beautiful I'm just trying to nail yall Show me to your cuticles We don't have sex, we stretch and do musicals Then I just circle 'round your waist like a hula hoop Drink you when I'm thirsty Wake you up early And give it to you raw, awwwwww Eddie Murphy Real talk ma.

And if it's only for a moment I wanna' get up in it and own it I gotta' retreat before the morning But leave my aroma in your sheets You can sleep with the scent of my cologne [Chorus A & B] [Mic Write] Pretty little constellation Broke my concentration Had me acting schitzophrenic, having conversations With myself when my eyes first met you "Should I even approach her", sweating bullets, See the condensation? I see them niguhs is depressed They'll NEVER BE REDD... I want you, you in the front get up out ya seat start dancing You yall two in the back start a fight Dj I need you to turn the music up a lil louder Lets go lets go lets go lets go lets go Let me hear you say: [Chorus] Turn my shit loud till, I can't hear myself think If you really want it gotta show me that you really want it Turn my shit loud till, I can't hear myself think If you really want it gotta show me that you really want it [Blak Smith] Aye yo DJ let it roar like wood stock Blow the spokeman burn the goodcrop Cold Men Deep came in with the hood op Room full of wallflowers wishing they could rock [Phenom] Phenom baby and I aint had no Money but I'm riding like I'm in a lambo Runnin through ya city like a young black rambo And you aint really hype if i see yo hands low [Blak Smith] Lets go ma time is wasting You blackberry with no conversation Let's get close to a T. a chick suck a dick I aint gon 'pologize I'm just sorry that you did it to a lot of guys Go inside ya thighs You a chicken wit a side of fries Not trying to mysonginize Just tryin to open up a lot of eyes lotta guys Gon play you and monopolize So I hope this song help ya stop ya cries Change a lot of lives I aint gotta lie But I gotta try To let you know that Ima guy, Ima ride, ma I apologize [Chorus] [Kopelli] Sincere apologies honest what I gotta be Every night that you not wit me I'm out on the prowl While you steady all alone like a only child You the type a girl that'll hold me down So I don't wanna hear that it's over now Wanna have my cake and eat it to, that'll be the norm for me and you I just ain't ready to settle down baby I can't do it Sorry that ya goin through it Ask ya man I be going truant [Mic Write] Yeah I said that I luhhh you That don't mean it's forever Tryna keep me on lock down, I don't need me no tether Plus I said that I luhh you no VE Only put half in it Which means that I really only half meant it (Right? down My territory's Crooked I - look around from De-trois to Inkster -- SJ to CMY Cuz we the best and fuck any niguh that doesn't think it Appetite is glutenous - eat you pussies like cunnilingus Some of these niguhs need to be in summer league You rookies in development - we veterans - we run the team Killing beats is effortless - it's fun for me Come to me for excellence - accept the fact you under me Musta been under the influence of anti-depressional medicines If you ever confess that you better than The brightest color in the prism Writing excites me like watching dikes in prison Bite each others nipples, snorting vicodin -- NUMB DEM TITTIES Who fuckin' wit me? ) [Blak Smith] Bring out my inner Joe Lewis/Louis Farrakhan When I hit you with 5% of my mind Unforgettable line Niggas climb and hang from my genitals Camel-Jockey riding nigga Keep that to a minimal Serve dinner roll, rip through you like a Sentinal Whatever leftovers remain we send that shit to Synagro 5-Star General Stupid line to get in the door The women that came out look like they jumped up outta' centerfolds And y'all pitiful, no Identical Variant Sit yo' ass down before I Jones-Drew you like Shawn Merriman Fall back I'm living golden Ima die black and get reborn Aryan *Nigga* I hate anything that don't sound like me Get loud like me Or just don't put it down like me I'm pure in essence Raw, fuck dressing all iridescent No question nobody put pressure to the ground like me! ) Yeah This the part of the song I want yall to act a muthafuckin fool. Y like Sanah Lathan In a blind location get you dialating [Phenom] You looking like a fox and my tiger's waiting Go ahead and let em talk I don't mind the hating I don't go hard I go Conan baby 21 and up I'm so grown man baby [Chorus] [Kopelli] Spit that scorch yeah ma it's quite live Rhyme till I divorce my nine to five Like Kweli i'm tryin to get by Just gettin off work its time to get fly [Mic Write] Tired of pinchin pennys get by making ends meet Rollin in a Hoopty wish it was a Benz Jeep Always had it hard life ain't never really been sweet Mosh up in this bitch like you came up in ten deep [Kopelli] Time to get loose man weekends here Grey Goose and sprite man drinks so clear We beat up the speakers volume to the beat Till I can't heart myself think So let ya hair down go and sweat it out let it out Go and get loose by a couple at the bar Let the stereo burry yo pain here we go Whether in the club or you bang it in the car say [Chorus] Now bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, now bounce bounce bounce bounce Get smooth with it, get smooth with it, get smooth with it , get smooth with it 2 step with it, 2 step with it 2 step with it, 2 step with it, and uh. Naw fuck all that other shit Go and get a badge doing all that undcover shit F#@! (Ey) It don't matter (Nah) We ain't came for the idle chit-chatter so baby Throw it back, throw it back Make it jump, make it jump [Repeat 2x] Goddamn! She rolled back and replied With that red light in her eye Well, if I gotta' tell you then I gotta' make you mine That sunshine made me cry Made me blind Had me saying it's no crime to snatch her hair and pull it harder While I stroke it from behind And she like that And I like that And we like that Just like that [Chorus] [Bridge] [Chorus] [Mic Write] Yeah, this is for every next big thing Every best kept secret All those almost famous Let's get it in (Ugh. what they tell me We living like stars We pop Coronas Put limes in the bottle spend time with the models Spit rhymes in staccato Couple dimes on the lotto hoping we hit it If we don't we get it back through rappin' nigga Grind's the motto You aint heard? ) [Repeat 2x] [Phenom] When she on the floor She kill mad guys Got em' kneeling at her feet Now the heels/hills have eyes Coke bottle body mami prolly' got me hard As a hammer-head shark in the dark She can feel it when I'm feelin' on her hips and waist Touch her in a hidden place You can feel her kitten shake As her can I get a taste We colliding and she lonely And her thighs is saying hold me Cause it feels so Ginuwine when she be ridin' on my pony [Chorus] [Bridge] What's your name? ) Got a life of it's own Ass too fat Now throw it back, throw it back Make it jump, make it jump [Repeat 2x] [Blak Smith] She dance like it's a full time job Say she do it for a living What you do up on the side? Yeah) What you know about Detroit Summers in an Enterprise rental Fresh new kicks at your local Footlocker Ya boy work at both Got the employee discount Fix you up cheap like the local hood doctor Save you a few bucks so when you hit the club that night You can get down with the really good vodka Grey Goose, Ciroc maybe that Bele V F#@! Dilla and Proof Town where the brand new mayor is a Hall-of-Fame player And the last one did a little bid If you a blue-collar worker then your pocketbook's hurting And your grind is finding a new gig De-trois [Phenom] Detroit still at it Ill-matic No Spongebob- niggas still Kilpatrick (Kill Patrick) Check out the bullets, the guns, the violence Talking all that noise, get a moment of silence Strip clubs, Coney Islands, Motown classics Massive; T-Rex flex shit- Jurassic You ain't really real if you don't show love O. Simpson- they tryna fit up in The Glove [Chorus] [Mic Write] As far as rhyming goes for you, I'll destroy your will (wheel) like potholes, in Motown Got hot flows, will go round for round with your pound for pound best Challenge Amityville?

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