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Customized modular kitchen based on your personal touch & style.

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A one-wall kitchen or straight kitchen is a design that is all built into one linear wall.

These types of kitchens are found typically in small homes and efficiency apartments to save space and construction costs.

The camera can no longer be moved around with moving the mouse to the edges of the screen.

If another unit gets selected the camera centers on this unit.

It is versatile and suits a limited space where a G-shape kitchen proves inapplicable.

The L-kitchen makes for an efficient and sensible triangular work space accessible to the preparation, clean-up, and cooking areas.All our featured and latest kitchen creations and cabinetry designs aim to meet every client’s needs that is practical, within their budget, and in line with their home’s overall look and feel.A standard in kitchen layouts, L-Type kitchens are ergonomic making it a popular choice for the modern kitchen.Modern kitchen renovation & remodelling that combines functionality & style.To be the leading company in the country that creates a highly competitive world class modular kitchen and cabinetry designs.A kitchen island is a countertop in the middle of a kitchen that’s used to prepare food or as an alternative to a table.


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