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Any longtime listener (or anyone who’s tuned in long enough to hear a mic break) knows that the WFMU DJs invest tremendous amounts of time into their shows, but the film reveals just how affirming it is for some of them personally—and, conversely, how exhausting it can be.

Exhumed 1977 ground breaking electronic score, by The Soft Machine's Mike Ratledge, was composed on synthesisers which were developed in collaboration with Denys Irving (the man behind the mysterious and controversial 1970s band Lucifer).

An endlessly inviting and hypnotic listen masterpice, set the controls for the stem of the brain and be sure you’re securely fastened in!!!

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It’s a place for the outsiders and freaks, the people who don’t really have a place elsewhere—it doesn’t dictate what listeners should or should not say or do on radio, and it allows them to keep their idiosyncrasies.

The film itself stays weird, jumping from show to show freely and allowing itself digressions that most directors might think to chop out.

Sharing your voice with people, maintaining that you’re not irrevocably dead, gets to be an imperative.

Part of the reason for programmers’ continual investment is that WFMU is the only place that so many programmers, and certainly listeners, have found that’s stayed weird.

The staff were all lovely and helpful, and our room was clean, a great size with a massive bed. For your comfort, you will find free toiletries and a hairdryer. The King's House is 1,300 feet from Dansaert Hotel, and Museum of the City of Brussels is 1,300 feet away.


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