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Historically, anarchism has never attracted large support in Canada, although small groups of activists and writers have often existed in many areas, especially in the larger cities.

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Only one case of sexual transmission has been reported from an infected female to her partner.

Symptoms of Zika virus can include fever, headache, conjunctivitis (pink eye) and skin rash, along with joint and muscle pain.

Brazil, in particular, has reported a significant increase in the number of newborns with microcephaly.

Zika virus is occurring in many regions of the world although local transmission of Zika virus was first reported in the Americas in 2015.

Canadian anarchist figures include Honoré Jaxon, George Woodcock, L. Other individuals who have made long-term contributions to Canadian anarchism include Harold Barclay, Alexandre Popovic, Michael William, Zig Zag, Sea Weed, Bob Melcombe, Jim Campbell, Bruno Massé, Radical Rodent and Gary Moffatt.

Susan Brown, Wendy Mc Elroy, Norman Nawrocki, Larry Gambone, Dimitrios Roussopoulos, Dick Martin, Ann Hansen, Mark Leier, Jeff Shantz, Chris Dixon, Richard J. Two Quebec-based anarchist academics, Normand Baillargeon and Francis Dupuis-Déri, have also published several books.Although our staff regularly reviews these links, we can’t be certain that they are 100% credible since their content can be changed at any time.Anarchism in Canada spans a range of anarchist philosophy including anarchist communism, green anarchy, anarcho-syndicalism, individualist anarchism, as well as other lesser known forms.Canadian anarchism has been affected by thought from the United States, Great Britain, and continental Europe, although recent influences include a look at North American indigenism, especially on the West Coast.Anarchists remain a focal point in media coverage of globalization protests in Canada, mainly due to their confrontations with police and destruction of property.There have been travel-related cases of Zika virus reported in Canada in returned travellers from countries with ongoing Zika virus outbreaks.


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