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This was my own vice when I was first absorbing the Reformed tradition: Calvinism sort of offers a system that seems to make sense of everything, and then it becomes easy to sort of think I have everything figured out and then begin to look down upon those who disagree with me.

Korea is one of the epicenters of Reformed theology today.

And I have Facebook friends in Brazil who are part of an institute devoted to Reformed thought and culture there.

It tends to focus on issues of election and predestination and doesn't appreciate some of the wider aspects of Reformed theology and what Abraham Kuyper meant by "Calvinism." But because the new Calvinism has been so influential, when a lot of people hear about a school being "Reformed," they identify it with that particular (narrow) brand.

So I wrote Letters to help others understand, for example, that when we at Calvin College describe ourselves as "Reformed," we mean a lot more than a particular understanding of election and predestination.

Through her family, I was sort of loved into the kingdom when I was 18.

I went to a Bible college to prepare for pastoral ministry, but there I discovered Reformed theology, which got me thinking that perhaps I was called to a more academic form of "ministry." Studying in Toronto at the Institute for Christian Studies, a graduate school in the Dutch stream of the Reformed tradition, was where my intellectual framework as a Christian philosopher was really established, and it's why I'm teaching at Calvin College today.

The more we inquire, the more numerous and the better are the testimonies with which the young lady is honoured.

Accordingly, I am now seeking to discover the mind of her father.

And I also think the Reformed tradition has a unique understanding of the church and worship that really has something to contribute to contemporary discussions.

This is exactly what motivates some of the work in the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship.

So I can remember a time where that was almost too much for me to accept; indeed, there are still days when I find it difficult to understand!


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