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It may also reflect the fact that men often put pressure on women to act in ways that accommodate his fantasies.

There's also a high percentage of bisexual women who are hostile towards male bisexuality in our society.

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just last night we search for a lesbian bar to go to, only a couple in the area, that post.

Even with gloryholes there is one here in the area that I heard on particular nights a femae likes to go in and suck cock but again the guy gets most of the satisfaction.

Something like Truth or Dare would be fun, and the room would see their responses and that would generate comment and discussion on that chatters point of view on that particular subject.

I think that this would make the new ppl feel more at home and at ease, and keep the chat active for all involved.

All the sudden, out of nowhere, you get the "picture".

Some random girl that you have never seen before in your life and then the question, "What do you think of her? Then they say, "I am going to bring her along for you." I am not really sure how to respond to this.

I have heard some tims she fucks too, again mostly male.

We do go out to swing parties, but we like those completely random partners hat would get from gloryholes of such.

Anyway, this is a the only real way I feel I can act on my fantasies I guess.

I'm not going to make myself seem better than I am, I'm no stud, but I'll try to satisfy anyone I can.

I see a great many ppl in the room just watching and not participating unless asked.

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