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Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask that single female friend for advice. If your friend cares for you, they’re not trying to hurt you. Your friends mean well, but sometimes they can’t be 100% objective because either they’re your friends and care about you or they’re jaded by their own experiences.Women who like to use a woman’s single status as a reason why her opinion is invalid or wrong do so in an attempt to discredit her. The gold in any bit of dating advice we get from our friends is in the sub-text. This advice can be summarized thusly: Want to know what men find attractive or what men are thinking?“You can do better.” – This statement is dangerous because it feeds the idea that we “deserve” a certain caliber of partner.

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Be very careful which of your female friends you turn to in times of romantic distress.

As I perused the list of people commenting, I wasn’t surprised to see that there was nary a man in the bunch.

The feedback I received from men on this piece was universally positive. The string of comments underneath her picture ranged from telling her how hot she was to how “skinny’ she was.

The problem with most of said advice and reinforcements is that it’s rarely objective. ” – Thanks to social media, we have an endless supply of people who are happy to toss off this attaboy whenever we post a new Facebook photo.

Whether these women will admit it or not, they actually find this kind of boorish behavior attractive.

That should speak volumes about their perceptions and insight.Or she could develop her own harem and enjoy herself and stop worrying what everybody thinks. EDITED TO ADD: When I hear women talk about allll the opportunities they’ve had to settle down with someone but chose to remain single “because they’re worth it” I think one of two things: Liar, liar pants on fire or defense mechanism. You are different than all the other women out there!Many women have bastardized the term “settling” to imply that it’s only done out of desperation. Frankly, there really isn’t anything that gives me a bigger case of The Sads than listening to women rattle off all the opportunities they had that they chose to dismiss because they believe they bring something magical to the table that is so special and unique. This all brings me to my final point: choosing which female friends to look to for dating advice. That’s like the time when Guy X…” should immediately be crossed off your list.Since there isn’t the rampant slut shaming amongst men like there is women, men aren’t particularly concerned with being labeled “easy.” “Never settle.” – The key to dating, if you ask me, is finding and embracing your audience.Thinking that your life will play out like the plot of is counter-productive. Rachel Leigh Cooke was already beautiful before they stuck glasses and overalls on her.Women who steadfastly insist that “all” men want is sex should be relegated to Dating Advice Siberia.


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