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Returning to Japan in 1975, he had the opportity to work as an assitant cameraman for Hiroshi Segawa 瀬川浩.Segawa is most renowned for his cinematography on the Hiroshi Teshigahara’s (勅使河原宏, 1927-2001) adaptation /砂の女, 1964) which won the Special Jury Prize at Cannes and was nominated for an Oscar.

I am also really excited by the upcoming release of Nagata’s first film with one of my favourite French directors, Jean-Pierre Jeunet ().

Tetsuo Nagata’s penchant for deeply contrasting colours will work very well with Jeunet’s surrealistic aesthetic.

The list of artists who settled in Germany included Pat Thomas, Bob Pinado, Charles Amoah, Andy Vans, the Lumba Brothers and Amakye Dede.

Foreign produced Highlife became the rage in Ghana from the mid 1980’s first through records and then musicians returning home.

His passion for the Nouvelle Vague led to him starting a French cinema club in Tokyo.

In 1972, Nagata travelled to France where he studied at the Université de Paris VIII.

During the 1980’s, some of the most popular Highlife songs in Ghana were produced outside the country in places like Hamburg, London, Abidjan and Toronto.

George Darko and his band released ‘Akoo Te Brofo’ in 1983, the first Burger Highlife hit in Germany.

He is currently shooting Hisako Matsui’s (松井久子) biopic of the life of Léonie Gilmour: the American editor who had an affair with the writer Yone Noguchi (aka Yonejiro Noguch (i野口米次郎) and was the mother of the renowned sculptor Isamu Noguchi (野口勇) and the modern dancer Ailes Gilmour.


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