Asian dating interracial male

There are many blogs out there written by interracial couples that focus on the challenges of a culture clash in their family, or one person in the relationship adjusting to customs and the language of living in a new country.

This blog is and always will be an honest representation of our relationship, and the truth is, we fortunately haven’t had many challenges.

But is it only because they tick all the right boxes, which is not far different from the Caucasian male. We try to avoid talking about it, but it’s a real issue. Definitions of masculinity are changing, and so should our dating norms.

It’s fine to for Asian men to date someone of whom their mothers may not necessarily approve.

They don’t have to obey society’s rules because they are not in their home country.

Caucasians are brought up with more feministic qualities and gender equality.

The friends that we hang out with and people we know are open minded with dating interracially, but I'm still surprised when I read about how prevalent discrimination is by race when it comes to online dating.

Alena grew up in a small town in Northeast Pennsylvania, and her family is originally from Slovenia, a Central European country with only two million people.For some reason, many Asian men think that Caucasian women simply do not want to date Asian men. Perhaps some Asian men fear they do not “measure up” to their Caucasian counterparts.There is an innate fear of rejection from someone that seems very foreign and would not be able to understand or worse yet, reject them readily, so be it because of language or culture. Asian men need to know that this stereotype isn’t necessarily wellfounded.Maybe because not only has Hollywood portrayed Asian men in weak stereotypes, but also how Asian cinema has portrayed Caucasians as being superior. The adult film industry has given us the illusion that all Caucasians are that well-endowed. Therefore, when an Asian man sees an attractive Caucasian woman, he would generally not approach her.Name one Asian actor who is a lead role model that isn’t a stereotype. Also, Hollywood has defined what our standards of beauty are… In reality, every cloth is cut differently; the only difference is some are cut from cotton and some from silk. Caucasian women, on the other hand, might find Asian men too small as well and with them, may not feel as safe and protected.Many Asian men seem to have a confidence issue dating Caucasian women, and most of the time, this works only because of the right social dynamics.


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