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He has the personality of a middle child, and is Marshmallow's best friend.

In 2014, he made a server in Minecraft called Orangecraft mc.

Orange's history may have began before the series debuted; a talking orange first appeared in one of Boedigheimer's videos on March 16, 2007.

The Annoying Orange is a series of You Tube videos created by Daneboe and his company Gag Films.

The series originally started out as one video, but because of its growing popularity, Boedigheimer started to create a series.

These actions often infuriate the other character to the point where they start yelling at him to shut up, only to have Orange warn them of their impending doom: evisceration with a chef's knife, a blender or other devices.

He has a famous quote, which comes after someone calls him something: "No, I'm not. " Boedigheimer describes the character as a composite of people in his life, saying "everyone knows somebody like him: They don't listen, they are annoying, and at the same time they are kind of lovable".

As of January 5, 2017, the channel has more than 5.5 Million subscribers.

Cartoon Network was involved in a lawsuit because of annoying orange copyright issues.

Other characters include Pear, his best friend who still is annoyed by him, Passion Fruit, his love interest, Midget Apple, a tiny apple who often acts as a voice of reason with Pear, and Marshmallow, a young squeaky marshmallow with a buckload of childish interests, as well as a few other characters such as the narcissitic Grapefruit, narcoleptic Grandpa Lemon, the irritable Liam the Leperchaun, and the actual Knife.

Annoying Orange Hit 2.5 Million Subscribers On August 8, 2012.

Orange tried to annoy him, but couldn't because of Grandpa Lemon's memory loss and sleeping habit.


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