Android not updating gmail contacts

Creating of new same-named groups on gmail is ok, but after sync I have TWO groups on the phone: 2 "Friends" groups, 2 "Coworkers", etc. WHEN WILL SOMEONE FROM GMAIL ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS!????!!!??!?!?!?Just synced from gmail groups are with users added. Of course, all groups are Google groups, not phone local. WHEN WILL I CEASE TO PAY MY SPRINT BILL BECAUSE I AM NOT GETTING THE SERVICES I AM PAYING FOR? My HTC moved to one way sync a while ago, that is I can see on the phone new contacts added on Gmail, I cannot see on Gamil new contacts added on the phone.

Contact Type is the first field on add new contact and is set to phone by default.

When you have a HTC droid phone with Sense, it seems to be required to setup your HTC Sense account to be able to synchronize contacts between Google or Exchange and your cell phone.

After you’ve backed up/ synced contacts from your Android phone and then you’ve also changed the ROM or, you’ve rooted the phone and selected factory reset, then you will need to sync again the Gmail account with your phone and, all the phone numbers will be restored.

Otherwise all the contacts will be removed from your phone.

Just for fun went here, and had Google Nexus support call me:

contact_type=contact_policy Sadly the phone drone was 100% useless and flatly said he couldn't do anything about a bug.

This feature is great and you can easily perform all the changes and syncing in several steps.

Syncing contacts with Gmail account comes in handy when you want to root/ update the firmware of your phone.

PS - the web form doesn't actually list the Nexus S as a choice, so just pick one at random.

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