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On the Server the configuration for the stream is set (i.c. When you are using the standard sound card and the capture card the settings normally will be good.the IP address and port of the PC) in the Publishing Point on which the stream has te be viewed. But when more sources are available be carefull to select the right sources for audio and video.The higher the bitrate, the better the quality, but....

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When using the publishing point not to often it can be wise to select the setting "Remove publishing point automatically".

This will result in the automatic removal of the publishing point after ending the stream and keeps the streaming server cleaner. After this we are going to choose the quality of the stream.

Therefor you will need an user account and password on the Streaming Server.

This will create automatically a 'Publishing Point' on the server.

When using a Pull Stream the PC on which Windows MEdia Encoder is used must be reachable for the Server.

The Administrator of the Streaming Server has to configure the stream on the server. In the Wizard we chose in this case: "Broadcast a live event" Click this and after that click OK. After this a screen appears where you can select the audio and video source.When choosing the stream to high, the image and the sound will stutter or even stand still. When the upload of your connection is for example 512 kbps, the upload of the stream must be lower, like 340 kbps.When the upload is sufficient also more then one bitrate for the stream can be chosen.After that everyone can watch this publishing point.This method normally works allways, even from a PC behind a firewall or a modem with NAT.But also this can take several minutes before it really starts.


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