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All the comments he made to me made me feel it was the start of our relationship. When you see Matt on the next episode what questions do you have for him? Amanda Rantuccio, (The Bachelor): I guess I didn’t understand why he never expressed any concerns to me. I just wish he would have been more open and honest. Do you think the prank with the parents pushed him away? Amanda Rantuccio, (The Bachelor): I think he enjoyed the prank. The floral mural she created was unbelievably luscious and exquisite.

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so when we started working on the Kick Ass Cake Bash, Hunter, Leslie, Earl, Beth and I immediately started hatching plans for fun.

And if you’re ever looking for wedding cakes in Los Angeles, Fantasy Frostings is where it’s AT!

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Amanda Rantuccio, (The Bachelor): Definitely, I should have been more open with my feelings and should have told him how I really felt about him.

Amanda Rantuccio, (The Bachelor): He is the kind of guy I am looking for and there was potential. Did you feel pressure by having to accept the fantasy sweet card? Amanda Rantuccio, (The Bachelor): I wanted to accept it so I could spend some time with him and see if we connected.

Whenever we throw a party, guest-ertainment is always at the top of our list.

Getting your guests involved can be the thing that takes your party from ho-hum hoedown to an all out throw-down…

We love photo booths, but wanted something unexpected and quirky to match the kitschy Japanese inspired theme… The silly poses people came up with kept me laughing every time I walked past their station. Check out more of our funny photos on the Oh, Snap! As a couple of serious foodies, we know there’s nothing worse than being at a party and leaving hungry, so we had food and drink coming out the wazoo, yo. beverages, and a Pinkberry yogurt bar on the way out the door at the end of the night. And who could resist the adorable “maids” of Royal/T Cafe?


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