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Jock Strap Pot Luck, 10am to 12pm, Sunday, December 17th.

Winter Naked House Party, Sunday, December 18th, 1pm to 5pm.

Girls in love with posing their nude assets while dancing dirty and provocative, teasing the guys around them with special moves and amazing moments of nudity.

Girls on high heels presenting their nude forms in special outdoor videos and also pleasing their dirty desires with either masturbation or heavy fucking.

Events For 2017: Isleta Men's Spa, Sunday, January 8th, 1pm to 5pm.

Hump Day-After Work Naked Party Social, Wed, January 11th, p to p.

About Me: Regular cyclist, riding 20-30 miles a day most days, sometimes planned with stops for errands, but usually from Nob Hill out to the Balloon Park and back (back directly or via the Bosque).

I've learned that all races have their share of physically attractive people, intelligent people, and peop...

Would you like another option to Grindr, Craigslist and the bars? ABQ-GMNHP gatherings offer a fun, safe real time opportunity for socializing with other health conscious, friendly, attentive, and respectful men.

Our goal is to build lasting friendships, self confidence and community pride. All information kept confidential and within the confines of the Meetup site. Organizer's reserve the right to remove a member from an event and/or edit content of posted events (all Meetup rules and guidelines regarding profanity are enforced).

Help my husband and I make life better for the working poor in developing countries! About Guys I Want To Meet: I would enjoy riding with someone.


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