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Singer: Gina Glocksen Song: "Alone"My Take: Gina starts off in a coma, letting her va-va-voom red dress serve as the lone expression of her personality.The Heart song builds to a climax and for a brief period, Gina comes to life before botching the end of the song, coming in sharp on each and every note. Wynken, Blynken and Simon Say: She started pitchy for Randy, but worked it out.Plus, the singers have to work really hard to do something that HASN’T been done before, so when they do? Not in coming up with new insights or theories, but in communicating existing theories clearly to a non-specialist audience. I covered the idea of the sublime, using England, Germany, and France.

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The pedigree was high, especially as recently elected king of the universe Kyle Chandler (in case you're wondering, Jayma Mays is his queen) was guest-starring as bomb disposal expert Dylan, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan showed up as Denny Duquette, a man who Rhimes clearly believes deserves instant canonization.

There was good stuff to be had in dreamworld too, including Dylan and Denny debating their relative worthiness as ghosts, the girl from "Into You Like A Train" coming back and trippily bleeding from her midsection, and a pretty good job done by Ellen Pompeo, considering the ridiculousness of her situation.

The cut from her saying "who am I gonna sleep with? Shonda has gone overboard with her, trying to play against her usually cheerful disposition but instead just turning her into some hateful black hole of horror.

" to Alex was beyond obvious, but I woulda thrown popcorn at the screen had they not done it. Her whole "I can speak my mind because I AM YOUR FRIEND" thing could have worked for a little comedy, but now it's just unusually distasteful.

Let’s see if the girls do a reversal as well, and thus…suck. I agree with the judges, the beginning was good (I really liked what she was doing with the melody), but then it ran away from her a bit toward the end. ;) La Kisha Jones song: Midnight Train to Georgia original artist: Gladys Knight Awesome. She’s got a bit more vulnerability than they do, which is attractive for me. I enjoyed it, and the beat-boxing was well integrated. Brandon had a boring week, but he’s got such a lovely voice.

So the guys actually brought it last night, and put themselves back into the competition. Uh-oh…) Gina Glocksen song: Alone original artist: Heart She didn’t quite power that last note as much as it could’ve had, and beginning was a bit…um…where is this going…but the first entry into the rock part was very good. ;) Alaina Alexander song: Not Ready to Make Nice original artist: Dixie Chicks I think that was a better song for her than last week’s–I’m still not convinced she sings as good as she looks. Jordin Sparks song: Reflection original artist: Christina Aguilera Very, very nice. I don’t know that she’s quite AS good as Melinda and La Kisha, but I like her a whole lot, too. Blake Lewis song: Virtual Insanity original artist: Jamiroquai Hee. He is very strategic in his song choices and style. It’s appropriate for him to wish his dad a Happy Birthday ON HIS BIRTHDAY! Chris Richardson song: Geek in the Pink original performer: Jason Mraz I didn’t love the song, but it was really good, and on what sounded like an incredibly hard song to sing. I was ready to cut him loose after last week, but that was worth keeping him. Best This Week – Chris Sligh, Chris Richardson, Blake Lewis, and Sundance Head Going Home – Wow, difficult. Well, Sanjaya may not be able to survive two dull weeks (though he does have some die-hard fans). And no matter how much I love Nick, I doubt he’s as popular with everyone else as he is with me.Honestly, she actually didn't have a lot to work with, minus the one freakout at the end, considering how they've been building on her depression in the last few weeks.Most of the drama came from either Denny or the rest of the cast struggling to save her.Anything in the bar, in basically any show, usually sways me, and I particularly like the Grey's bar (I wish they'd use it more often).Alex continues to be the most solidly likeable guy on the show these days, basically because the writers haven't screwed with him nearly as much, and Addison's (who is apparently departing these shores soon) no-sex dare to Mark was such an old move, I could almost smell the mothballs, but still a pretty funny idea. Haley Scarnato song: Queen of the Night original artist: Whitney Houston Very much not crazy about the song. Best Tonight: La Kisha Jones and Melinda Doolittle (I sense I will be typing those names for a LONG time to come). Chris Sligh song: Trouble original artist: Ray La Montagne I LOVE THIS SONG. Not perhaps as wow as it could’ve been, but very cool. He doesn’t have a charisma problem as far as I’m concerned.


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